Frequent questions

If your question is not answered below, Please review our Terms & Conditions or feel free to send us an email at hola@linea-norte.com

  • Do you ship nationally?

    • Yes, we do national shipments.

  • Do they make international shipments?

    • Yes, we do international shipping.

  • What is the shipping cost?

    • Shipment is calculated at purchasing screen and depends on what area. To quote freight or shipment for specific items or furniture, please send an email to hola@linea-norte.com

  • Can you buy online?

    • Yes! Please visit our Products Page and take what you love.

  • What are your payment methods?

    • Cash

    • Credit and debit cards

    • Paypal


  • What does the rooster tableware contain?

    • It is a dinnerware set for 6 people, and includes:

      • Big plate

      • Medium plate

      • Soup bowl

      • Small Plate for Bread / Dessert Plate

      • Salad or Cereal bowl

      • Cup

      • Regular Cup with plate

      • Espresso cup with plate

  • What does the fly dinnerware contain?

    • It is a dinnerware for 6 people that includes:

      • Big plate

      • Medium plate

      • Soup bowl

      • Small plate for bread and dessert

      • Regular Cup with plate